4 Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags with Flap, Thick Fabric Planting Bag, Garden Planter Pots with Durable Handles & Harvest Window for Tomato, Vegetable, Fruits, and Flower


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Product Description

4 Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags

potato bags for growing potatoespotato bags for growing potatoes

tomato plantertomato planter

How to use potato pot?

Mix the soil with fertilizer, then add 4inches of them to the potato bag. Place 3-5 potato tubers on soil, with the shoots facing upwards, and add a further 2inches of soil to cover them.As long as the soil does not completely dry out, it is good to wait about 2 weeks for the plants to emerge before watering again.Keep watering when shoots have germinated. As the potato continue growing. Keep adding soil/compost mix until you reach the top of the grow bag. And keep them well watered, especially in dry weather.Wait about 7-8 weeks, till the foilage has turned brown and died back completely, then you can harvest potatoes from the window directly.

Potato grow bags with flap Capacity: 10 Gallon Material: Non-woven fabric Color: Green,Camel,Grey,Black Size: 13.8*16.2inch(35*41cm)

Garden PotGarden Pot

potato bagspotato bags

Potato PlanterPotato Planter

potato bagspotato bags

Breathable Non-woven Fabric

Breathable non-woven fabric makes the large grow bags percolate excess water, allow the roots to breath well and provide an ideal growth environment for plants’ moisture, nutrition and temperature.

Large Visible Window

It is conveneint for you to check the plants’ growth status from the tomato planter visible window.

Durable Handles

Garden planters with two reinforced handles makes it easy to move.

Transparent Label Pocket

Each potato bags for growing potatoes has a transparent label pocket for recording plant species

Our planting pots will help you to make planting easy. Use this window grow bag, you will enjoy the time of gardening!

planting potsplanting pots

grow bags 10 galgrow bags 10 gal

Benefits of Grow Bags

Excellent drainage system and water control capability to prevent over-wateringMore breathability allowing roots to breath well, air and water to circulate freely throughout the soilBetter Temperature Control keeps soil at a proper temperature, provide an ideal growth environment for plantsPrevent overgrowth of plants roots eliminating girdling rootsPortability allowing you to move plants from outdoor to indoor

Fabric Fabric Fabric

Green,Camel,Grey,Black Green,Beige,Grey,Black Black&Red,Black&Green

4 Pack 4 Pack 2 Pack

Excellent Drainage: These garden bags are made of breathable non-woven fabric which can rapid drainage, allow the roots to breath well and provide an ideal growth environment for plants’ moisture, nutrition and temperature. Meanwhile, the biodegradable material is not polluting.
Sturdy Handles: Each potato planter comes with two durable handles which made up of nylon and sewed firmly. They can help you to move easily although the bag is full of soil. So you can plant wherever you want. It is very convenient!
Large Capacity: Our package includes 4 pieces garden pots. These potato growing bags with large capacity of 10 gallons allow you to grow veggies as much as you want. It will also provide sufficient space for vegetables, plants and flowers to grow.
Widely Usage: These planting pots are perfect for patios, lawn, garden, balcony, green house, and any indoor or outdoor space. And they are ideal for planting potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, garlic, onions, carrot, beans, apple trees, lettuce, guava trees, flowers, etc. You can also used them as home storage bags for dirty clothes, kids toys and gadgets.