Delectable Garden 12 Pocket Indoor Waterproof Vertical Living Wall Planter, Multicolor


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This is not like the other 12 pocket planter that are felt backed and will leak water on walls. This 12 pocket planter was designed specifically for indoor use. Lined with plastic in the back and wrapped around the bottom, it won’t leak water on your walls and floor like the felt backed ones. Grow your own art piece or herb garden for your kitchen. This is perfect for the home, or office. Indoor Living Walls clean the air and create beauty. Now you can have fresh herbs or beautiful plants year-round. They are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, so that’s less plastic in our oceans and landfills. The recycled plastic fabric makes it super strong and fade resistant. Easy to hang, it only takes two screws or nails. Dimensions: 29″ width X 33″ high 12 pockets, each 9.5″ width X 8″ high. It comes in black only. PLEASE NOTE: These are all real photos of my 12 pocket that customers have sent to me. The backboard/frame is NOT included. Cloth Planters create “Air Pruning” This process is only possible with cloth pots. . When plants’ roots come in contact with the fabric, they are forced to penetrate and grow into the breathable fabric, causing the root tips to dehydrate and branch.when root tips meet the air on the outside. This causes “air pruning.” This pruning process forces lateral branching of desired fibrous feeder roots. These fibrous roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in a more vigorous and healthy plant that utilizes the entire root for optimum plant growth. Cloth Pots and Vertical Planters give the plants more oxygen which facilitates nutrient uptake. Nutrients are vital to healthy plants. Nutrient absorption will only occur when oxygen is present. It also keeps the plants from starving. Our cloth pots and planters help you keep those roots oxygenated and absorbing lots of nutrition for vigor and health.
WATERPROOF: This is NOT like the other pocket planters that are felt backed and will allow water to leak on walls.This is the only true INDOOR waterproof planter. It’s lined on the back and bottom so your walls and floors stay dry.
PERFECT FOR: Balcony Garden / Home Decor / Supermarket Wall / Cafe Decor / Kitchen Herb Garden and more!
STACKABLE DESIGN; match several planters together for covering large Wall areas. You can Move and change Plants around and create your own unique design. Perfect DIY
GROW YOUR OWN FOOD within a few feet of floor space with vertical gardening to provide you and your family with salad, vegetables and herbs all year long! By eating food from the vertical garden kit at the time of harvesting, produce is fresher and more nutritious than store bought produce..Dimensions: 29″ width X 33″ high 12 pockets, each 9.5″ width X 8″ high.
Comes in Black only