Feyut 100 Pack Grow Sponges, Replacement Root Growth Sponges Seed Pods Compatible with AeroGarden, Seedling Starter Sponges Kit for Hydroponic Indoor Garden System with 20pcs Plant Labels 1pcs Tweezer


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Product Description

Grow Sponges BrannerGrow Sponges Branner

Grow sponges are soilless growing mediums that ensure seeds have just the right environment for germinating. They do so by providing the seeds with adequate amounts of oxygen and water and causing them to sprout.

Can I Really Start Seeds in a Sponge?

Not only can you really start seeds in a sponge, but grow sponges are considered one of the most successful ways to start seeds. When it comes to hydroponics, there is no better method for starting seeds than using a grow sponge.

Can Plants Grow in a Sponge?

Technically speaking, plants can grow in sponges as long as the sponge is kept wet.

Advantages of Using Grow Sponges:

It makes it easier to monitor germination and root development.They make transplanting seedlings easier, there is no mess involved.Germinating a large number of seeds is possible in little space.They are typically reusable when seeds do not germinate.Seeds germinate very quickly and with little to no effort on your part.

How Do You Use a Grow Sponge?




Step 1

Soak the sponge(s) in water for 10-15 minutes. Then the size will be expanded to the size, which is compatible with Areagarden.

Step 2

Insert seeds into the tiny divot in the sponge, then place them in a tray with a shallow bottom or a basket.

Step 3

Place the baskets into System to keep the sponge moist by regularly adding water to the tray.

Grow Sponges 01Grow Sponges 01

Why choose Feyut planting sponges?

Made from 100% biochar cotton with high fertility, which is 30% more in fertility than Peat moss. Great for plant growth.They have the properties of normal charcoal, which keeps the growing sponge away from mould and algae, ensuring reliable rooting and successful germination of seeds.The Sponges Structure has the ability to absorb and retain water for long periods, which means that plants will not dry out as quickly.There will be a lot of air space between fibers (up to 90%) after Expansion- this is beneficial for plant growth.

What’s in the Box?

Growth Sponges x 100pcs

Plant Labels x 20pcs

Tweezer x 1pcs

Nutrition Seed Plugs: Made of 100% biochar cotton with higher fertility, instead of Sphagnum Peat, which is more beneficial to plant growth, and much easier to store. And with the characteristics of ordinary charcoal, it will keep the grow sponges away from mold and algae, to ensure reliable seed rooting and successful seed germination.
Professional Design for Growth: There is a small hole at the end of our grow sponges to ensure that the seeds you put in will not fall into the water. They are surrounded by small grooves to facilitate water circulation and maintain a certain level of humidity, providing sufficient moisture for seed germination.
Fun to Plant – Using the replacement sponges, regardless of geographical and seasonal restrictions, you can grow various types of plants in the hydroponic garden system, such as vegetables, houseplants, herbs, succulents, wheat grass, flowers and ornamental plants, etc. Also, comes with 20 Pcs Plastic Nursery Garden Labels (Length:10 cm/4 inch Width:2 cm/0.8 inch).
Dry and Easily Stored – Seed starter sponges are dry before use to avoid moldiness caused by moisture. After soaking the seed pod sponge in water for 10-15 minutes, put seeds in the middle of grow sponge, after Expansion: 2.56(Height) *0.9(diameter) inches.