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Package Include
8 x Flowerpots 8 x Trays

-Size: About 21.50X21.00X21.00cm/8.45X8.25X8.25inch planter.
-Material: Plastic small nursery pots.
-Color: Green flower pots outdoor.
-The product is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and easy to move plastic.
-Contains a sufficient number of nursery pots to meet your needs, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of planting at home Plastic Gardening Nursery Pot.
-This kind of plastic nutritious flower pot has a wide range of uses, and can be in gardens, balconies, terraces and so on Garden seedling pot.
-Made of mild and durable plastic materials, it provides you with a safer planting experience round nursery pot.
-The efficient and practical nutrient cup is mainly suitable for plant transplantation and plant cultivation garden plastic pots.

Goods Information
plant nursery cup This product is a plant nursery pot, made of safe and gentle plastic material, durable, good texture, durable for a time, and will not be easily damaged.Starter Pot This product can be not only for the growth of green plants, but also for interior decoration.nursery seedling pots This is a very practical planting container and will be your good choice of planting tools.plastic seedling cups Through reasonable design, it can help you easily develop indoor gardens to meet your needs for indoor flower planting

PLANTERS WITH SAUCERS– Drainage Holes Planters- It has a wide range of applications for succulents, germination, cuttings and transplanting.
GARDEN PLANTER– Nursery Flower Pot- Intimately equipped with bottom tray, can help well absorb moisture.
GARDEN PLASTIC POTS– This is a plant growth nutrient pot, they are made of safe and gentle plastic, light and durable, safe for plants, and can well help you grow plants or small crops indoors, balconies, gardens or courtyards.
STARTER POT– Good ventilation and good drainage provide a safer and more comfortable environment for the growth of plants.