Ikosora Plant Grow Bag, 4 Gallon Potato Grow Bags with Access Flap and Handles, Tomato Planter Fabric Pots Garden Bags to Grow Vegetables and Fruits, Thickened Non-Woven Growing Containers for Garden


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Product Description

Potato Planting BagsPotato Planting Bags

Why choose plant grow bags? Traditionally, plants are grown in clay pots. These sturdy pots have no room for root growth, so they can only coil around the bottom. With a grow bag, the air permeability allows plenty of oxygen to enter the roots, stimulating capillary root differentiation to absorb the most nutrients and produce the greatest yield!

Garden Planting BagsGarden Planting Bags

Potato Grow Bags

Material: Nonwoven

Product Life: Long-term reusable

Color: Black,Green, Camel Brown

Size: 9.8*11.8 inches 4 Gallon

Packag: 3 packages, black, green, camel brown one of each color

How to Use The Grow Bags?

Step 1: Put about 2/5 of pre-mixed fertilizer-containing soil on the bottom.

Step 2: Place 4 to 6 potato tubers evenly into the soil with the shoots facing up.

Step 3: Add soil to cover the potato tubers completely. Please water the plants on time to keep the soil wet slightly until the plants appear on the top of the bag.

Step 4: After a few weeks, the leaves of the plant will become wither and yellow, then you can harvest potatoes directly from the window.

Features: Even in rainy days, you don’t have to worry about it sagging and collapsing Eliminate standing water in pots, good permeability and prevent soil waterlogging. Easy to move. Lightweight cloth pots with sturdy handles are perfect for moving plants. Easy to clean, this cloth bag is absolutely washable and reusable.

Non-woven grow bagsNon-woven grow bags

Multicolor Planting BagsMulticolor Planting Bags

【With Visible Flap Window】This garden grow bag has a flip-up window that can be opened and closed. You can have a fuller and clearer view of your plants’ growth. It will also make it easier for you to harvest when the time comes. This bag keeps plants warm in the cold months and cool in the summer
【Good drainage】This thickened non-woven planter is made of high quality breathable material with good water permeability to prevent soil waterlogging without having to worry about overwatering, and the plant grow bag provides an ideal growing environment for plant moisture nutrition and temperature
【Easy to move】This plant grow bag has a high load-bearing handle that makes it easy to transport your garden grow bag anywhere you go. Such as patios, gardens, balconies, greenhouses and any other indoor outdoor spaces
【Prevent root circulation】This planting nursery box has good ventilation and air permeability, and the planter bag can make your plants warm in winter and cool in summer. The thickened non-woven planting bag can provide enough breathing space for the roots and effectively avoid the entanglement of the roots