MATCHABAR Electric Matcha Whisk and Milk Frother | Handheld Matcha Green Tea Mixer and Blender | USB Rechargeable, Dual Speed, Stainless Steel | Powerful Whisk for Matcha Lattes, Coffee & Other Drinks


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Product Description

MatchaBar LogoMatchaBar Logo

electric matcha whisk in use hand held not bamboo frother foamer bubble makerelectric matcha whisk in use hand held not bamboo frother foamer bubble maker

MatchaBar Handheld Rechargeable Electronic Whisk

Be your own barista or give a gift to those discovering matcha! Blend, froth, or foam a delicious drink of your choice in seconds.

Impress your friends and family with a creamy frothy foam topped cafe-style beverage that will keep them coming back for more!

How to Use

Charge whisk until green light appearsIMPORTANT: Whisk matcha into 3-5oz of water to prevent spillage!Insert whisk into cup/mug and press power buttonWhisk straight up and downTop off with more water or milk if needed – whisked matcha will disperse evenly

Tip: Froth milk with whisk separately before adding to matcha

Why Use An Electric Whisk? Prevent clumping of matcha or other ingredients Add an elegant frothy foam to your matcha or other drink Easy to use in your cup or mug Skip trips to your local cafe and be your own barista Effortless whisking that doesn’t make your hand or arm tired Versatile enough to blend more than cafe style drinks; think sauces or dressing

Functionality Meets Design

Whisk Fully LabeledWhisk Fully Labeled

Attributes of note: Double Headed Whisk = Perfect Froth Detachable Head = Easy Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe Dual Speeds = Optimized for Different Use Occasions Powerful Motor = Efficient Performance USB Rechargeable = 8 Hour Charge Built-in Carrying Case = Easy to Store, Pack, & Protect

User-Friendly For the Modern Kitchen

You will be hard-pressed to find another whisk that makes maintenance and function so easy for the user. Easy to clean, no clunky battery replacement, high-performance dual-headed coils, and sleek design.

What Makes This Whisk Stand Out?

Dual Headed CoilsDual Headed Coils

Power Button Dual SpeedPower Button Dual Speed

Whisk w Carry CaseWhisk w Carry Case

USB RechargeableUSB Rechargeable

Dual Stainless Steel Head and Detachable Rod

Unique dual whisk head to power through the toughest ingredients for a smooth blendDetachable stainless steel rod for easier cleanup

High Torque 2 Speed Motor

2 powerful speeds for different types of blendingSpeed 1 (lower) recommended for matchaSpeed 2 (higher) recommended for milk frothing

Portable Carrying Case

Comes built in to a durable and sturdy portable carrying case to safely and conveniently transport your whisk for delicious drinks wherever you are

USB Rechargeable

No batteries needed!Quickly recharge your whisk with the included USB cableRechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours of use

Be Your Own Barista

Dual LattesDual Lattes

Milk Frother No OverlayMilk Frother No Overlay

starbucks jade leaf kenko uji ujido pure chimp ippido matchaful chalait dna kyoto dew encha naokistarbucks jade leaf kenko uji ujido pure chimp ippido matchaful chalait dna kyoto dew encha naoki

Create Lattes of Any Variety

Be your own barista! Whip up delicious espresso and/or matcha lattes. Works perfectly for iced or hot versions of these drinks.

Froths Dairy and Non-Dairy Milks!

The perfect froth every time. Works equally well on dairy and non-dairy milk options – hot or cold! Use a pitcher (pictured above) to pour cafe-quality latte art in your hot beverages.

Whisk The Perfect Matcha Tea

This electronic whisk/frother works perfectly for straight matcha teas as well. Don’t like milk of any kind in your beverages? No problem. This whisk whips up a great crema on water-based matcha and coffee products alike.

Type of Matcha
Ceremonial Grade Ceremonial Grade Culinary Grade Ceremonial Grade Ceremonial Grade



Gluten Free

Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan

Matcha Matcha Matcha Matcha Matcha

30g (1.05 oz) Bag 80g (2.8 oz) Bag 100g (3.5 oz) Bag 30g (1.05 oz) Tin 30g (1.05 oz) Tin

15-30 40-80 50-100 15-30 15-30

PERFECT MATCHA WHISK: Unlock the ability to make the perfect matcha at home. This stainless steel matcha maker whisk ensures that there are no undesirable clumps with two speeds that make sure to blend the powder into the water (3-5oz) for a smooth finish. Use the same whisk to froth your milk and have the perfect matcha latte in your home or on the go. WHISK INTO 3-5oz of water and lengthen for best results!
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY (USB RECHARGEABLE): Say goodby to wasteful and expensive batteries that always seem to go missing when you need them. USB rechargeable matcha electric whisk means that you are never caught without the ability to properly whisk your beverage. Quick charging speeds will save you from trips to the store for batteries and no need to spend money so the cafe can do it for you. Universal USB charging cord is included with the whisk and connects to every USB-A dock in your home.
PORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: This wireless handheld electric whisk is also easy to clean and carry with you! Take it to work, traveling, hiking, or wherever you might want to whisk, froth, or mix your drinks. The snap-on whisk electric protector design ensures that you can put it in your backpack, luggage, or purse without any damage to the whisk head, and it is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The foamer detaches seamlessly allowing for an easy rinse and cleaning process.
IMPORTANT: Whisk matcha into 3-5oz of water first and then lengthen with additional hot/cold water to prevent spillage! MATCHABAR QUALITY GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with your handheld matcha whisk electric product, return it with zero questions asked. We will either replace it or provide a full refund. We stand behind our products and are confident in their convenience, performance, and superior quality. Please click on the buy box and select “Ask a question”, for assistance from us.