Miracle LED Craft Lighting Blooming Lotus Daybreak Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb Replacing 150W (24-Pack)


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The Miracle LED Craft Lighting Ultra Grow Lite is a technological leap ahead for the indoor garden. Our state-of-the-art bulbs ensure a smooth and refreshing experience with every sip – er, flip of the switch. Sipping only 12 watts of electricity, this green growing LED replaces up to 150W old hot-running incandescent flood lights. With nearly zero heat output, Craft LED bulbs can live up to 10x longer than standard bulbs. Contains no mercury & emits no UV. Chemical-free indoor growing is perfect for many different environments like small kitchen herb gardens, apartments with limited sunlight, or fruit and vegetable gardens in the basement. So why settle for bland, store-bought produce when you can savor the rich, nuanced flavors of your own homegrown bounty? Try out our sick selection and taste the difference for yourself! Images shown are for packaging and display purposes only. They are representative of the species or genus of plants that may be grown with artificial LED Light. Results vary by many factors and artificial lights do not fully replace light from the sun.
ALMOST FREE ENERGY – Sipping only 12W, each LED replaces 150W Old Incandescent Bulbs and runs at a fraction of the cost, only $1.44 per year in energy costs!
WEATHER RESISTANT BULBS – Our water-resistant LEDs ensure safe use age around thirsty plants. Bulbs are also shock & shatter resistant.
PLANT SAFE – Max light absorption with virtually no heat signature and absolutely no mercury, protecting delicate leaves from harm!
BLOOMING LOTUS DAYBREAK Full Spectrum Growing Power emulates the Sun and provides your plant with the bold & nutritious full light spectrum they crave.