Pot & Pebble Glass Indoor Planter with Wooden Base & Water Level Control: Transparent for Root Visibility (Suitable for Semi-Hydroponic or General Use) Easier Plant Care, Less Watering & More Growth!


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Pot & Pebble, glass planter comes with a beautiful wood base and is available in three sizes. This planter is to be used with clay pebbles (leca) which are sold separately. A UNIQUELY MODERN SELF WATERING PLANTER:- Ideal for indoor gardens, apartments and more, this newly designed semi-hydroponic planter allows easy viewing of the roots, so you can monitor growth and immediately spot any issues such as root rot or disease. Ideal for plant parenting. LOW MAINTENANCE HYDRO GARDENING SYSTEM:- With built-in holes to keep water at the optimum level, Pot & Pebble’s indoor plant system ensures the plant gets enough moisture by creating a water reservoir below the holes, while preventing root rot and overwatering by regularly flushing water away to remove built up fertilizer and decomposed matter. Whether used with clay pebbles or similar grow media, this creates a cutting edge low maintenance grow system that can be used by anybody! SUITABLE FOR MOST PLANTS:- The pot’s built in holes also allow easy aeration and oxygenation of plants including within the roots – creating its own internal ecosystem and making it ideal for sensitive plants like Orchids (Phalaenopsis), all Pothos, Alcasia, Monsteras, Anthuriums, Peperomia, Pilea, Hoyas, ZZPlant, philodendrons and many more! IDEAL FOR LECA CLAY PEBBLES OR SIMILAR GROW MEDIA:- Leca pebbles or clay beads are a new growing medium popular with gardening enthusiasts that are low on space e.g. those who live in apartments. They are a highly effective medium for plants that are clean, reusable, maintain the right humidity and maintain the health of the roots. Clay pebbles work perfectly with the unique water reservoir in Pot & Pebble’s hydroponic growing system by regulating the moisture below the water level. RISK FREE PURCHASE:- Avoid risking damaging or shattering your own vases by drilling water holes and use the first custom designed indoor plant pot for this purpose! This combined with our 30 day money back guarant