Red Ginseng Roots Whole Root Pieces – Red Panax Ginseng


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Red ginseng is a perennial herb of the Araliaceae family. The rhizome is short, erect, and grows a section every year, commonly known as “reed head”, and sometimes one to several adventitious roots (taro) grow on it. Taproot stout, fleshy, cylindrical or fusiform. Red ginseng is the dried root and rhizome of Araliaceae ginseng cultivated after steaming. It is excavated in autumn, washed, steamed, and dried. Red ginseng has high medicinal value and high price. Red ginseng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, belonging to Umbelliferae and Araliaceae. Red ginseng is a well-established product of ginseng. The processing method of red ginseng is to use ginseng through soaking, cleaning, sorting, steaming, drying, drying and other processes. The ring pattern of red ginseng is not obvious, there are branch and root scars, the upper part of the rhizome is soil scorpion, and there is a reed bowl at the top, which is commonly known as “oil pot head”. Book Product characteristics: firm texture, weight and brittle, fragrant, slightly bitter taste. 
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Red ginseng is a ginseng product, which has the functions of improving human immunity, anti-oxidation, improving memory, and anti-fatigue. Red ginseng has a very powerful effect of invigorating qi. Red ginseng is often used to treat patients with collapse and shock. It has the effects of boosting blood pressure and improving microcirculation.
Red ginseng also has an anti-fatigue effect, which can improve the excitability of the central nervous system, enhance the body’s ability to adapt to non-specific stimuli, and achieve the effect of relieving fatigue.
Red ginseng has the effect of enhancing resistance: the effect of red ginseng in nourishing is obvious to all, but the effect of tonic in deficiency may be more significant. Long-term consumption can improve the body’s immunity, and can fight fatigue very well;
Red ginseng has the effect of preventing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis: studies have shown that red ginseng can regulate the body’s immune function and reduce blood viscosity, as well as anti-radiation activity and the magical effect of reducing body fat content.