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Package List
100 x Fertilizer Baskets

– Size L: About 6x4x4cm flower pots for indoor plants.
– Color: Black fertilization control container.
– Material: Plastic fertilizer baskets container.
– Size S: About 4x3x3cm bonsai fertiliser baskets.
– Protect your plant fertilizer from being eaten by birds, other small animals, wind, or other disturbance fertilizer holder.
– Easy to use, you only need to insert fertilizer directly into the grow plant soil that your bonsai bonsai.
– Water the plants, the fertilizer will dissolve the nutrients to the plants wall hanging baskets.
– Easy to take and fertilize at any time fertilizer basket.
– and plant fertilizer.
– Good for orchid, bonsai, flower and small plant small hanging basket.

Goods Information
fertilizer cover box basket Simply insert the head filled with fertilizer into the plant grow soil when you are going out for a time.cultivation flower planting grow mesh basket Made of plastic, it allows you to apply fertilizer in controlled quantity regularly.bonsai fertiliser pellets Perfect use for home, garden, yard or farm.nursery pot aquarium This is a set of premium fertilizer baskets

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